Computer Diagnostics For Trucks & RV’s


Davis Truck & RV Repair offers state of the art computer diagnostics for large trucks and RV’s.   These truck diagnostics ensure that you have a accurate diagnostic reading of your vehicle.

State of The Art Computer Diagnostics

Davis Truck & RV Repair staff has extensive experience in computer diagnostics for heavy trucks and Diesel RV’s.  We can determine a wide variety of issues by using our computer diagnostics along with expert experience by our master diesel mechanics and technicians.

We can Diagnose :
• Trip and vehicle information
• Parameter and feature adjustment
• Force DPF Regen’s
• Fault-related information
• Fault code and symptom-based diagnostics
• Engine diagnostic tests (Injector cut-out, EGR valve, turbo, etc…)
• Tools to create templates for a group of vehicles
• Audit trail information
• Enhanced Electronic Control Module (ECM) security
• Work orders
• Built-in help & troubleshooting
• Calibration downloads
• Graphical monitoring

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Looking for a modern truck mechanic with state of the art Computer Diagnostics?